Real Estate
Representation of parties involved in the buying, selling, leasing, developing and management of real property. Additionally, representation of parties in title examination and review.

Representation of lenders regarding general banking law, preparation of lending documents and general legal counsel related to the banking industry, as well as representation of individuals and entity borrowers in matters related to their banking relationship and loans.

Corporate and Business Planning
Representation of parties creating, modifying, interpreting and dissolving all forms of business entities including corporations, partnerships, limited liability corporations and limited partnerships, as well as general business planning for all types of entities.

Water Rights
Representation of mainly landowners in obtaining groundwater permits, the sale and lease of groundwater rights and other contractual agreements related to water rights.

Oil, Gas and Mineral Law
Representation of landowners in negotiations and drafting of oil, gas and mineral leases and other contracts related to the development of oil, gas and minerals.

Environmental Law
Representation of parties involved in the proscribed use of our natural resources and protection from environmental hazards. Environmental law applies to the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies at all levels of government.

Wills, Estate and Probate
Representation of parties in the preparation of wills, powers of attorney, health care documents, trusts including advice, where needed, in estate tax planning. Additionally, representation of estates of deceased persons (probate), including admitting wills to probate and assisting with the enforcement of will provisions.



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